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Coal mine underground management

The underground personnel management system is mainly used in underground and tunnel working places such as coal industry and metal mining. The system identification card can be carried by an individual, or placed on a vehicle or instrument, and transmits their location and up-to-date recorded information to the main control room.
The hardware of the underground personnel management system mainly includes an identification card and a card reading substation. The identification card is used to transmit the carrier ID number, and the card reading substation is mainly used to record these ID numbers and transmit the data to the PC in the central office or the main control room. The software of the underground personnel management system is mainly used to store the recording status and real-time location of all card reading substations. The software provides users with functions such as classification, filtering, search and report generation, and uses these functions to complete the data implementation and comprehensive recording.
The development of the underground personnel management system is in full compliance with the safety standards and requirements of the underground industry. The performance is stable, the quality is reliable, and the operation is simple. The history of the card reader, user, location and time is recorded in the system. Use the Query Tool for the purpose of your own query.
The system is an automatic identification information technology product integrating computer software and hardware, information collection and processing, wireless data transmission, network data communication, automatic control and other multi-disciplinary applications. The product is non-contact through the long-distance moving target of coal mine tunnel. Information collection and processing, to achieve automatic identification of people, vehicles, objects in different states (mobile, static), thus achieving automatic management of the target.
The product integrates RFID radio frequency identification technology to realize reliable wireless identification data communication. The card reader substation equipment, transmission equipment, communication interface and RFID identification card adopt explosion-proof and intrinsically safe design, which has a long distance and can be adjusted freely. The system has the advantages of recognition range, no "blind area", strong signal penetration, high security and confidentiality, no electromagnetic pollution to the human body, strong environmental adaptability, simultaneous identification of multiple people, convenient underground network connection and digital transmission. Through the establishment of a complete, flexible and real-time underground management system, it manages the planning of workers including underground workers, the authority management of workers entering and leaving the roadway, the distribution of roadway personnel, the information of workers, and the flow of safety materials. At present, this new information collection, storage, transmission and processing technology will play an important role in the attendance, tracking and positioning and human accident prevention management of underground coal mine personnel.

The system products have been independently designed according to the technical requirements of coal mine safety production and national safety standards, which can fully meet the automation and information management requirements of underground coal mine personnel. At the same time, it can fully utilize the existing coal mine monitoring system platform resources of the mine to operate online, effectively saving investment.