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Automatic Vehicle Weighing System

Generally, vehicles that need to be weighted by the transportation of ore, coal, garbage, and fuel need to stop, registration, weighing, and manually entering data to the computer when reaching the weight. The use of RFID long -distance radio frequency recognition technology for vehicle intelligence weighing can solve these problems. The principle is to use the RFID electronic label to have the only global number, organically combine the RFID long -range card reader and the electronic balancer to form an intelligent weighing system, install the RFID ultra -high -frequency long -distance card reader before the ground. RS232 or TCP/IP is sent to the control board. The control board obtains the RFID tag ID number and the weight information coming from the floor is associated to send it to the server, and the output port control railing machine signal and signal light signal. Each car that requires weighing materials is fixed on the windshield glass to install a RFID electronic tag. Its ID is used as a vehicle ID number and stored in the central database to prevent theft.
Work process of management system:
1. Quickly automatically identify the information weighing vehicle information, improve the identification efficiency, and alleviate the phenomenon of the vehicle queue over;
2.RFID automatic recognition from long -distance, accurate data, exempting artificial management vulnerabilities;
3. Little affected by the environment, adapting to various harsh environments such as wind/snow/rain/fog;
4.RFID reader adopts outdoor waterproof design to ensure long -term stable work;
5.RFID long -distance card reader's data transmission interface is rich, and data linkage can be achieved with gate, camera, etc.