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ZK-G01 is a high-performance UHF electronic tag Gate device that supports fast anti-collision analysis and read and write processing of UHF EPC Gen2 (ISO18000-6C) format electronic tags. The standard RS232/485 serial communication and network interface can be directly connected Connecting the host computer, controller and other related equipment, it is an ideal choice for open, large-traffic access control and attendance, meeting sign-in, logistics warehousing management and process control.


l Completely independent intellectual property design, fully supporting electronic labels that comply with EPC CLASS1 G2 (ISO18000-6C) standards

l Working frequency 840~960MHz (can be adjusted according to the requirements of different countries or regions)

l Works in broad spectrum frequency hopping (FHSS) or fixed frequency transmission mode

l Output power reaches 30dBm (0-30dBm adjustable)

l Built-in infrared motion sensor, intelligently determines the direction of people's movement and supports people counting

l Supports two working modes: inventory and EAS detection and alarm

l EAS detection supports two methods: real EAS and simulated EAS, and supports customized alarm rules.

l Low power consumption design

l Built-in buzzer and red and blue two-color indicator light

l Supports multiple user interfaces such as RS232/485 and TCPIP networks

l Highly reliable design to meet harsh working environment requirements

l Supports 4 channels of switch signal input and 4 channels of high current output